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Dr. Shirley Madhère
“Holistic Plastic Surgery for the discerning:
Person before procedure.”


mind shift is happening, and it will affect you. Health is no longer about being without disease; it is not only about how you feel. It is now redefined as being without dis-ease. The new perspective on health is that it represents a different state of mind. What is also becoming important is how you look as an indicator of true, total health. Aesthetics matter, as a matter of not only taste but also of wellness. The totality of a state of well-being encompasses a number of dimensions. It can even be said that wellness connotes a lifestyle and celebrates a higher sense of living. Health is a right, whereas wellness is a luxury.

“Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of making choices toward a more successful existence” (source: It incorporates a number of factors, each of which deserves attention. Thus, there are several types (or pillars) of wellness, including: social, spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, medical, mental, occupational, and financial. Attention paid to each contributes to a more successful, and thus, beautiful life.

Welcome to “Les Salons: A Wellness Series Devoted to The Beautiful Life.” This series of special conversations was created by Dr. Shirley Madhère (, a plastic surgeon who incorporates holistic practices into her professional philosophy. Her approach to plastic surgery aims to balance a number of the dimensions of wellness to help bring about beauty from within, while complementing it from the surface. Modeled after the gatherings of Italy (16th century) and Paris (17th and 18th centuries), the Les Salons series is intended to refine the taste and increase knowledge, both to please and to educate. Each seminar will feature an invited speaker considered an expert in his or her respective field. Topics range from art to Zen Buddhism, and are designed to enhance how you live your life well and beautifully on a number of levels. You are invited to experience a Salon and to bring a guest; participation is by invitation only. Do attend, and intend to learn and socialize, and thus leave enlightened and inspired. A très bientot!

© 2011, Shirley Madhère, MD